Frequently asked questions


Can I present any product?

Yes, as long as it is pasta- or gnocchi-based. You may submit fresh, dried or stabilized products, ready-meals, organic, gluten-free, wholemeal or any other kind of products. Our aim is to provide international buyers with a yearbook which brings together a complete, varied and original range of quality products.


Can two of the same products made by two different pasta makers both appear in the yearbook?

No, each product presented in the yearbook must be different from all the others.  A product must differ from all the others in at least one of the following elements: name, shape, ingredients or type of product (fresh, dried, frozen, etc.). For example, we will not include two porcini mushroom tortelloni made by two different pasta makers, whereas we will feature porcini mushroom tortelloni and meat tortelloni in the same volume (because the fillings are different) or porcini mushroom tortelloni and porcini mushroom cappelletti (because the names and shapes are different). Two dried orecchiette made by two different pasta makers will not be included, although we will include dried and fresh orecchiette. This is one good reason why you should submit your products for publication as soon as possible: once one type of pasta has been accepted it will be the only one representing excellence for that specific type.


Is this the first edition of Eccellenza Pastaria?

No, the first edition was published in 2012.


How many copies of Eccellenza Pastaria are printed?

At least 1000 copies of Eccellenza Pastaria will be printed and distributed. A greater number of copies may be printed depending on the distribution agreements made with food sector trade fairs organizers for events held up to April 2016.


How, when and to whom will Eccellenza Pastaria 2014 be distributed?

Eccellenza Pastaria is distributed to buyers attending the main food sector trade fairs held between May 2014 – April 2015.    It is the trade fair organizers themselves, thanks to the distribution agreements made with our publisher, who will give out the yearbook to buyers visiting their event. Basically this publication finds its way to people whose job it is to buy pasta.


Will Eccellenza Pastaria be put on sale?

No, the yearbook will not go on sale. It will be distributed free of charge exclusively to buyers visiting trade fair events.


How many copies of Eccellenza Pastaria will I receive?

You will receive 2 copies for each one of your products presented in the yearbook.  If you wish to receive more copies, you may request them before the yearbook is published.


I have a discount code, how can I use it?

You can use it by entering the code, the percentage and expiry date of the discount in the relative fields on the form used to submit your products for publication in Eccellenza Pastaria. If your products are accepted, the discount will be calculated on the amount which will be communicated to you along with the confirmation that your submission has been accepted.


Do I have to pay to submit my products?

No, not at all. However, by submitting your reference products you undertake, only if your products are selected and actually published in the yearbook, to pay the fee requested.


If for any reason the publication is not printed and distributed, will I receive a refund for any payments made?

Of course – you will receive a full refund.



My products have not been selected, can I submit some different ones?

Of course you may submit different products.



When will I know whether or not my products have been accepted?

Usually within 2 weeks of sending your submission.


In what order are the products presented?

In alphabetical order based on the Italian name of the product. For example, ravioli will appear before spaghetti and after couscous.


When and how do I pay?

Payment must be made – only if your products are selected for publication – within 7 days of receiving notification from us that your products have been accepted. Failure to do so will cause you to forfeit your inclusion in our publication.   Payments can be made by bank transfer, credit card/PayPal.


When will the yearbook be published?

The yearbook will be ready on 1 May 2016.



What do I need to do once my products have been selected?

You must proceed to pay the sum communicated to you at the time of your being notified that your products have been selected, then you must fill in a simple information sheet for each product, send us a copy of your company logo and some product samples as per directed. The product samples must be sent to Italy. Don’t worry, it’s all very simple and we will accompany you every step of the way.



Does that answer all your questions? Excellent – now submit your products straight away for inclusion in the 2016 edition of Eccellenza Pastaria.

Still not clear? Write to us at info@pastaria.it. We will be happy to answer any queries you may still have.

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